african sky

african sky
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fredag 16 december 2011

End of semester!

This is the movie that Ivanja, Catharina, Sonja and I did! We are very proud of it and hope you enjoy it!

lördag 10 december 2011


...of silence! Yesterday we had a workshop at school with our amazing teacher Rebeca Neuman. When the tecnique started working we had a really great time, and I think we all amased ourselfs with 3 very diffrent sound pieces!! But today, as the heading says, I will enjoy the sound of silence as much as I can =) !!
Take care, Wictoria

fredag 9 december 2011


This is the best documentary I have seen in a LONG time! And not only did we get to see the movie, we also spent the whole day with Michel Wenzer who made the movie, we got to ask questions and discuss it with him! I must say it´s been a very emotional day! In a positive way I must ad. Thank you dear school of art, this was a real treat!!

torsdag 8 december 2011

Busy busy BUSY times!

We are working now on the last couple of projects for the semester, audio and animation.Today I finally understood the computer programs for editing sound and animation, wich means I might even be ready in time with both my sound piece AND the short story we are working on as a group project!Wish me luck though... Included in the work load( but not in the school-time )was the yearly Christmas fair, wich has taken a lot of energy time away from for example my blog! But soon it will be hollidays for us, and then I shall take the time to up date you all of the work I have done! Take care,Wictoria