african sky

african sky
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torsdag 24 november 2011

Sagas art!

My beautiful daughter is also a great artist allready! I love this painting that she did six months ago,and wanted to share it with you all!

Clay tower.

´This week is Photoshop week and I think that I finally learned a little bit of what we should have learned =)!
This tower I made many weeks ago, and it was so much fun!! I really want to more of that fantasy stuff with clay!! Maybe I will by some and play around with at Christmas break?!

tisdag 8 november 2011

Painting with oil...part 3

At the end of the week I realised I still hadn´t done my self portait...and so I went back to my station and played around a bit with coulors.... This is now a piece I will use in my up comming exibition!!

Of course I still had to make that selfportrait but since I don´t like the image of me, I chickened out by making it abstract.... But I promised my self that every year I will do a new self portrait, so who knows?? Someday it might even look like me?!!

Painting with oil...part 2

 First ever!!! Hahahahaha says it all...
This one I really like! Much better =)

And this is the third one, and what can I say? This is darn good actually, and I am very proud of what I can accomplish when doing something so very far out of my comfort zone!!

Painting with oil...

 Still life... But I don´t paint stuff    !!! Only feelings and coulor as you can see =)   !!

Well, now it started to be fun =) , only problem , teacher didn´t see any trees near by, so technically this is not a still life.... hahahahaha!

Lady Bug!!

 Isn´t this the most beautiful Lady Bug ever?!! Art-wise I didn´t have anything to do with this piece, other than I carried her under my heart for 40 weeks hahaha!
Wonderful summer time!!

Playing ...

 ...with charcoal and watercoulor!!

Little goes BIG!

 One assignment we got was to take a little picture or object and make very much bigger, with charcoal or atleast in black/white/grey.
I had a picture of my mum, in a rather big frame witch I thought would be perfect, it would cover much of the surface very easily..hahah. I had never made a portraite before, so I am not ashamed of being a bit lazy, and letting most of the picture be the frame! It might be difficult for you to see how big it is, but the paper I drew on is 1.20 m times 1m so it is quite big.
I am very happy with how it turned out, even though there is something around the mouth that makes it ever so slightly in correct, but I can´t fix it. Not now anyway, maybe I´ll fix it later, or not...

måndag 7 november 2011


I´m sorry for the poor updating lately, but as you can understand it full steam ahead at the school!! Will make some effort tonight , hang in there hihi!!

onsdag 2 november 2011

More clay!

 This is the ready sculpture that I made! I am very satisfied with how it turned out, being the first time ever. Later this semester we will burn our figures,and then we will see if I did a good job...
This is the before picture sort of speaking...

Here are some of our figures together! So cool to se them all, the differences,and the things that is alike. We had alot of fun in this class, everybody was so in to it, and you could almost  touch the energy of the creativity in the room!! To bad nobody was filming it.


Clay!! What a wonderful materia to dig your hands into. I think I´ve tried somtime long ago to make a bowl or something, but this was completely different! For me it was so much fun , both doing the modelling of a live model, and the more free exercises, that we did. First we were warming up with trying to find a line and "sculpture" a model in only one minute...You have a result of that in the picture above hihi..!!